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Nestled among the hills of Lejre lies the cradle of Danish civilisation, where according to legend King Skjold was the first king. The Skjoldungerne dynasty, as it is known, reigned for generations, making Gl. Lejre Denmark’s ancient seat of power. Across the countryside burial mounds, longhouses and other valuable relics are evidence of the time when our ancestors settled here. 

History comes alive when you explore the countryside, visit Land of Legends LejreLejre Museum or Tadre Mill. Or when you plough through the waters of Roskilde Fjord in a Viking vessel.

Be sure to bring your bike or walking boots to Lejre, which lies withinSkjoldungernes Land – the first national park on Zealand. Go fishing in the fjord. Buy good,organic produce at the farm shops and beer and wine directly where they are produced. Or stimulate your senses by visiting the galleries and workshops of local artists. Welcome to Lejre

Kongehal og vikinger

Kom med indenfor i Danmarks største vikingehal i Sagnlandet Lejres nye vikingemiljø. Her er noget for alle aldre.

Activities and experiences

Love the outdoors and physical activity? Why not spend an active vacation in Lejre?

Skjoldungernes Land National Park

Skjoldungernes Land National Park extends over an area of approximately 17 km2 in the Lejre, Roskilde and Frederikssund districts. It was inaugurated ...

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Skjoldungestierne (hiking trails)

The Skjoldungestier is the name of a network of hiking trails all over Lejre. Use the map or an app to get an idea of the different routes.

Lejre and Organic Products

Do you appreciate organic vegetables and other produce? Do you have concerns about animal welfare, sprayed apples or beer brewing techniques? In Lejre...

There is a place where you can feel the breath of history...


Photo: Marie Louise Munkegaard