Land of Legends - the living past

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Slangealleen 2

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The Land of Legends is the land, you MUST explore. Here you can sense 15,000 years living past and meet your ancestors in the Stone Age settlement, the Iron Age village, the Viking area or in the thatched smallholdings.

Speak to your great-great-great-grandmother or the Vikings' sorceress, meet the Tollund Man's relatives or watch the Stone Age men having lunch.

See and try the historical crafts like weaving, pottery or forging. Watch the researchers work with archaelogical experiments or join the nature guide approaching the aurochs. Help him feeding the wild boars or visit the stroking pen with sheep and goats.

At the Land of Legends you are welcome to walk in the grass and get muddy. We do not have bumper cars, however, you can sail in hollowed-out tree trunks. Prepare the food you have brought along on the Viking grills free of charge, chop firewood with stone-age axes, light a fire using flint and steel and grind flour for your own biscuits.

Please refer to the website for admission fees and special opening hours.


Slangealleen 2

4320 Lejre


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