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Lejre by car

Photo: Ikke tilgængelig

o you have a passion for art, organic produce or ancient history? Do you like to tour alone, with your partner or the whole family? Below are various suggestions for exploring Lejre by car that may tempt you.

On a car trip you can admire the beautiful countryside, rich in cultural heritage and ancient sites such as burial mounds, passage tombs and longhouses. The tours vary between one day and several days, so pick one that suits you best. Enjoy! 

Art Route through Lejre

Stimulate your senses by exploring the world of art in Lejre and its surrounding villages to discover its surprising diversity and colourful artists.

Bring out your inner Viking

Experience the Vikings up close in Lejre. Find answers about how our forefathers lived, what they ate, how they celebrated and what they believed in.

In the footsteps of the ancients

Gammel Lejre, called the cradle of the Kingdom of Denmark, has everything from the descendent of Scyld, stone ships and burial mounds to 5000-year-old passage graves and a stone rostrum deep in the forest.