Trips around Lejre

You can explore on foot, by bike or by car. We recommend a trip to one of the organic farms selling produce or to the breweries at Herslev Bryghus and Hornbeer where you can buy beer. Make a detour to one of the many galleries and studios to view the work of local artists.

Lejre by bike

Get on your bike and enjoy the wonderful nature of Lejre. You will not only encounter delightful countryside, but also fascinating history in the form of burial mounds, passage tombs and longhouses.

Lejre on foot

Don't miss the opportunity to go rambling in Lejre, its beautiful nature steeped in cultural history and dotted with burial mounds, passage tombs and longhouses.

Lejre by car

o you have a passion for art, organic produce or ancient history? Do you like to tour alone, with your partner or the whole family? Below are various suggestions for exploring Lejre by car that may tempt you.

Routes all over Lejre

Many national routes for hikers, cyclists and vehicles pass through Lejre. Click on the links below for inspiration. See also  Trips around Lejre , wi...

Local guide in Lejre

In Lejre we have a lot of local fire souls who would like to tell you about the small and big stories hidden around Lejre.

Experience history in Lejre

Nestled among the hills of Lejre lies the cradle of Danish civilisation, where the legendary Viking kings of the Skjoldunge dynasty left their mark fo... is situated at Hvalsø Station, only 40 minutes from Copenhagen. At you are close to Skjoldungernes Land National Park and it...

Skjoldungestierne (hiking trails)

The Skjoldungestier is the name of a network of hiking trails all over Lejre. Use the map or an app to get an idea of the different routes.

Historical Summer Walks

Lejre Museum arranges a number of historical summer walks in July-August. The hikes start and end at Lejre Museum in Gl. Lejre.