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Experience history in Lejre

Nestled among the hills of Lejre lies the cradle of Danish civilisation, where the legendary Viking kings of the Skjoldunge dynasty left their mark for posterity. Discover the mystery of the ancient longhouses, burial mounds, passage tombs and stone ships where they buried the dead. Let history come alive and your imagination run free. Climb up ancient burial mounds, discover the well-preserved passage tomb known as Øm Jættestue or be transported back to the Viking era at the Maritime Research Centre and Land of Legends Lejre. These are just some of the memorable experiences that await you in Lejre.

Lejre Kommune

The stone ship in Gammel Lejre

On a hill near Lejre Stream are the remains of an approximately 80 meter long stone ship consisting of large, pointed oval stones erected in a boat-shaped formation. According to legend, the boat transported our ancestors to the Land of the Dead.

Land of Legends Lejre

Land of Legends Lejre is an exciting destination spread out over 43 hectares. Here the whole family can embark on a journey into the past to explore dwellings and settings from the Stone Age, Iron Age, Viking Age and the 19th century.