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Skjoldungernes Land National Park – nature experiences in Lejre

Bike, hike and explore Skjoldungernes Land National Park with its unparalleled nature, beauty and fascinating cultural history.

Skjoldungerne is, according to legend, the name of the first Danish royal dynasty, which is said to descent from King Skjold, its first king. Lejre was the seat of the dynasty, which is why Denmark's newest and 4th national park is called Skjoldungernes Land.

Nature experiences and cultural history in the heart of Zealand

The National Park is predominantly a fjord landscape in and around Roskilde Fjord, home to countless bird species. Visitors can enjoy coastlines, river valleys crisscrossing the fields, meadows and commons, lakes and marshes, and woodlands and forests. Bidstrup Forests, with 1,076 hectares of forest, is the largest wooded area of the National Park.

In this part of Zealand there has always been an intricate balance between humans and nature, and all over Lejre there are traces of its ancient past. On your outings you will come across unique historical relics from the Stone Age and Iron Age, as well as magnificent longhouses and stone ships constructed by the Vikings. Gammel Lejre was once the centre of power in Denmark and there are precious archaeological remnants of this age in the landscape today.

Biking and hiking in Skjoldungernes Land

Remember to bring along your bicycle or walking boots when you visit Lejre. There are plenty of fantastic bicycle and hiking routes through the beautiful countryside of the National Park, including mountain bike trails. We recommend, for example the hiking trail in Bidstrup Forests or the bike trails along the fjord. For more information about the different routes, check out the National Park website.

Denmark's 4th national park

Skjoldungernes Land National Park extends over an area of approximately 17 km2 in the Lejre, Roskilde and Frederikssund districts. It was inaugurated in March 2015 and is Denmark's 4th national park. It is also the first ever on Zealand and provides wonderful opportunities for thrilling cultural historical discoveries in beautiful surroundings.

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Interactive map of Skjoldungernes Land