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Lejre – the cradle of Danish civilisation

Nestled among the hills of Lejre lies the cradle of Danish civilisation, where according to legend King Skjold was the first king. The Skjoldungerne dynasty, as it is known, reigned for generations, making Gl. Lejre Denmark’s ancient seat of power. Across the countryside burial mounds, longhouses and other valuable relics are evidence of the time when our ancestors settled here. 

History comes alive when you explore the countryside, visit Land of Legends Lejre, Lejre Museum or Tadre Mill. Or when you plough through the waters of Roskilde Fjord in a Viking vessel.

Be sure to bring your bike or walking boots to Lejre, which lies within Skjoldungernes Land – the first national park on Zealand. Go fishing in the fjord. Buy good, organic produce at the farm shops and beer and wine directly where they are produced. Or stimulate your senses by visiting the galleries and workshops of local artists. Welcome to Lejre

Skjoldungernes Land National Park

Inaugurated in March 2015, Skjoldungernes Land National Park is Denmark's 4th national park and the first one ever on Zealand.

Tourist in Lejre

Visiting Lejre means taking a journey that spans an exciting past, where the Vikings reigned, up to the present day with fun for the whole family. The beautiful and unique nature in Lejre is filled with a bounty of forests, lakes, fields and natural areas for you to enjoy year around.