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Walk the slopes of the Ejby river valley (2.5 km)

Brief description of the route

Pack a picnic and bring along the bigger kids; they’re guaranteed to enjoy themselves. If physical exertion, flowers and butterflies or a quiet meditative experience sound appealing, then Ejby is the place to go. This walk begins high above the beach and, whatever the weather, looking out over the edge and beyond at the waters of Isefjord is a wonderful experience. Ejby river valley slopes down to the beach, where you can go for a dip or enjoy a picnic before continuing further into the valley. There are also plants, mushrooms, cows and other animals, depending on the season.

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There is no parking area on the road Ejby Havnevej, which means you’ll need to find somewhere prudent nearby. Walk down Hedegårdsvej and keep walking along the path until you get to the information board (1) or walk from the harbour down the beach until you reach the steps that go over the fence and continue to the top. This is a good choice for slightly older children who like a challenge.

Activities on the trip

Hill slopes
The hill slopes (2) were formed by an alternating rise in sea level and land uplift since the end of the Ice Age some 12 to 15,000 years ago. There are limestone springs in the hill slopes that certain vegetation adores. The limestone comes from animal shell deposits in the old seabed.
At the little yellow house, open the electric fence with the handle and close it carefully behind you, or climb over the step. Follow the grassy path down to the beach – a perfect place to have a picnic and play.

Across the Ejby river valley
The hill slopes and valley are protected. Formed by Ice Age meltwater, the river valley (3) is famous for its beauty and many rare plants. Walk along the foot of the incline and then gaze across the meadow, much of which has been used for grazing since 1948 and probably much earlier. The steep slopes and gravelly areas at the bottom of the valley have never been extensivley cultivated.

There are many flowering spicatas of the western marsh orchid variety in May and June and marsh marigolds blossom profusely in early summer. Please note: much of the vegetation in the river valley is protected and picking protected plants is prohibited. At (4), it is possible to walk on the meadow and follow the course of the stream that meanders toward the coast. There is also a stairway leading to the parking area.

Heifers in the valley
As you move inwards, the valley becomes narrower and more shaded with tall shrubs and trees. On the way you may encounter peaceful cows and heifers that you must kindly make room for. The cows eat away at the grass and shrubs, preventing the river valley from growing into a dense thicket by providing natural management of the area.
Another option is to stay on top of the southern slope and look down into the valley while walking towards the road Åvej, which is perhaps the best route on wet rainy days if you are not clad in the right gear. Animals also graze here. Turn right on Troldbyvej back to Ejby. 

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Information about the trip

Length: 2.5 km

Surface: Beach pebbles, damp meadow, grass, gravel and asphalt; inaccessible for prams

Other: Rubber boots necessary in rainy weather; dogs must be on a leash.

Transportation: Bus 228 and 230R

Map of Ejby

Route Map